Manufacture and installation of grain drying, thermal equipment.

Repair, installation, construction and maintenance of agricultural enterprises.

Reconstruction and repair ZAV or GLC

The company "Agropolus" provides a full range of services for reconstruction, repair, construction of the dam or the GLC various capacities.

This includes such activities:

  • Dismantling of old equipment;
  • Cabin complex designs with modern materials (corrugated galvanized or painted);
  • replacement of floors;
  • replacement of electrical parts (replacement wiring, reconstruction or replacement of electrical cabinets, installation of new equipment);
  • welding (repair and replacement of obsolete structures);
  • partial or total replacement of the hopper;
  • installation of new systems discharge;
  • Raised hopper to the height of the dam, which gives the ability to download high-dimension transport;
  • construction pits logjam of any type;
  • installation of modern winnowing equipment;
  • installation of reliable, high-performance transport grain (bucket, belt bucket elevators of any configuration);
  • replacement power units (highly motors European standards);
  • installation of aspiration;
  • installation of fire safety;
  • installation of lighting systems;
  • integration of all units into a single complex automatic control system;
  • the construction of the necessary households. buildings, construction of access roads, connecting all necessary communications;
  • cost estimates and the development of the necessary documentation;
  • staff training.

Selection of equipment.

Equipment and construction materials that we use in our work takes the necessary certification and meets modern requirements and standards. Selection and production of the necessary equipment, as well as the list of works agreed with the client individually. This ensures that all work is carried out with a minimum expenditure of time and finance, as well as take into account all the wishes of the customer.

All our employees are highly qualified specialists with many years of experience, trained in their specialties, as well as on safety and fire safety.

The company "Agropolus" has the necessary permissions for construction work, high risk, work in the trenches, steeplejack work, welding.

Setting up equipment and personnel training.

After the construction, installation work and the work associated with the installation of new equipment, adjustment is carried out, as well as checking of all units of the complex. The company's staff "Agropolus" conduct training on operation and maintenance of the complex. Education is free of charge. We guarantee the reliability and durability of the equipment, and timely service.