Manufacture and installation of grain drying, thermal equipment.

Repair, installation, construction and maintenance of agricultural enterprises.

Overhaul and repair-line grain separators BTSS

The process of cleaning the grain after harvest is the most important stage of which depends on the parameters of quality of the final product. Nowadays, widely used for this type of centrifugal grain separators BTSS.

Grain separators BTSS used for the cleaning of grain:

  • cereals (wheat, barley, rice);
  • legumes;
  • oilseeds;
  • sorghum;
  • Corn et al.

of trash, insects, foreign objects, other than the grain sizes and aerodynamic properties.

The company "Agropolus" provides a wide range of services on-line and major repairs, reconstruction, adjustment of this type grain separators.

Types of works:

  • SKD parts replacement grain separator (vibrators, heads, connecting rods, crank cleaners grids);
  • replacement of the upper and lower bearing rotor core;
  • restoration grain receiver (by car the old model);
  • Replacement silent blocks on the spokes of the rotor core;
  • replacement of aluminum rings that fail;
  • setting, adjusting all clearances;
  • painted surfaces;
  • staff training;

Replacement of worn nodes grain separator new component parts gives substantial savings finance, and improves the performance of the entire system.

Our experts will diagnose the equipment and make a list of necessary repairs grain separator.

The diagnostics kit necessary equipment to replace, agreed with the customer, and then prepared a detailed budget that shows the cost of parts and labor.

All work related to the repair grain separators BTSS, we give a 2 year warranty as well as carry out servicing and supply of spare parts.