Manufacture and installation of grain drying, thermal equipment.

Repair, installation, construction and maintenance of agricultural enterprises.

Installation of grain-processing equipment

The company "Agropolus" provides a wide range of services related to the installation of grain-processing equipment for the agricultural sector. Our clients are both small farms and large holdings of high volumes of grain processing.

Installation dryers mine and modular.

We perform the reconstruction, installation, repair and refurbishment dryers.

Types of works:

  • land clearing and preparation of industrial site for the installation of the dryer construction (construction of the foundation, households. buildings, and so on. d.);
  • installation of structures dryer or replacing old with new (in-line and overhaul);
  • repair of components and assemblies or replacement with new, high-performance equipment;
  • connection necessary communications, construction of access roads;
  • automation of the dryer;
  • training of personnel to work with the new equipment.

Delivery of high-performance shaft dryers own production, as well as its solid-grade heat source and a heat exchanger, running on alternative fuels.

Installation of heat generators.

Repair of heat generators or supply of equipment of its own design (biofuel heat source) high performance running on waste wood processing (chips, sawdust, and so on. d.), as well as grain processing (sunflower husks, hulls, waste grain, chopped straw), pellets and wood chips.

Installation of heat exchangers.

We produce the reconstruction and repair of old heat exchangers, as well as carry out installation of new equipment as its own production and other manufacturers.

Air heat exchanger design company "Agropolus" allows you to receive air preheated to 120 0C at ambient temperatures down to -5 0C. If necessary, the heat exchanger is equipped with burners operate at reduced or natural gas, diesel fuel. In this configuration, the heat exchanger also serves as the heat source.

Installation ZAV and GLC.

The company "Agropolus" has a successful long-term experience in design, construction, installation, reconstruction and repair of various kinds ZAV and GLC. This and repair of old structures or replacing them with new, replacement of obsolete equipment with new, automated production processes and integration into a unified system of automatic production process, the construction of access roads, connection of communications, installation of fire safety and ventilation. We also perform ZAV rise to the possibility of travel beneath the modern dimensional transport.

Installation of elevators.

Our company will perform the complete list of work related to the installation of elevators and silos. These are: preparation of construction sites, construction elevator installation, installation elevators, equipment installation, connection of communications, conducting pre-commissioning, training of personnel.

If necessary, we will carry out the construction of the elevator "turnkey" from design to commissioning of the finished complex.

Construction of granaries.

Building reliable and durable granaries for long-term storage of cereals, legumes, oilseeds. Granaries are equipped with power system reliability, ventilation, alarm and fire.

Installation of elevators grain.

The company's specialists will perform the installation elevators as its own design, and other manufacturers, as well as a list of all the repairs. This is the replacement of the old conveyor belts and bucket on the new reconstruction elevator pipes, replacement or repair of the power plant, the tension drums, elevator head.

Construction intake pits.

Construction travel logjam wells for various transport frontal and side awnings over them automatic unloading equipment installation or mounting racks.