Manufacture and installation of grain drying, thermal equipment.

Repair, installation, construction and maintenance of agricultural enterprises.

Installation of grain dryers

The company "Agropolus" has many years of experience related to the installation of reliable, high- grain dryers . Grain dryers are (mobile and stationary versions), modular, drum, tower, rotary dryers.

Our engineers will help you make the right choice grain drying complex that will satisfy the needs of our company.

We offer our customers the construction of "turn-key", namely carry out the full list of works on the design, construction, grain drying complex to the installation of structures, equipment installation and commissioning.

Our staff will be happy to conduct staff training on the new equipment.

The company's specialists will conduct installation of equipment, which has already acquired a customer, the equipment of other companies, as well as make the supply of equipment of its own design:

  • Shaft dryer capacity from 12 to 54 t/h;
  • reliable heat generators - productivity from 0.5 to 2 MW, operating on alternative fuels;
  • air heat exchangers "air-air" performance from 15 to 60 thousand. m3/h.

Design of grain drying complex.

The company "Agropolus" long time cooperates with leading design institutes and firms that specialize in the design of facilities for agricultural enterprises. Specialists of these companies at the highest level, as soon as possible will create a project, which will take into account all your wishes, as well as compliance with all regulations and guests.

Construction work.

  • site preparation for pouring foundations, access roads (dismantling of buildings, site clearance under construction);
  • excavation for foundations;
  • manufacturing reinforced carcass;
  • filling foundations;
  • installation of monolithic structures;
  • construction of brick walls, walls;
  • construction sheds, frameless, framed buildings of various types;
  • construction intake pits.

Installation of structures dryers.

After the preparatory and construction work being done to direct mounting structures dryers:

  • assembly and installation of designs dryers;
  • installation of the necessary equipment;
  • connection of the equipment to the mains;
  • installation of sensors for monitoring the operation of the dryer and the integration with a single automatic process control system (APCS) for operational control of the plant;
  • installation of lighting;
  • installation of fire protection system.

Pre-commissioning works.

After installation, construction and installation of the equipment is carried out the entire list of commissioning: checking of all items of equipment, testing power systems, control signaling.

Staff training.

Training of personnel for servicing the dryer free of charge.