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Repair, installation, construction and maintenance of agricultural enterprises.

Design and installation of lines for seed enterprises

One of the main processes in the seed sector is to analyze the quality of seed. For this widely used photo-separator or as they are called optical sorting machines.

The principle of operation is based on the sorter detection of foreign bodies in the total weight of the grains by color photo-separator of the body with the color of the base material.

Nowadays mainly used 3 types of sorter:

  • working on sensors;
  • working on special CCD-cameras;
  • using special color cameras.

The sensor is a silicon wafer that is responsive to the light output. Grain weight analysis is performed over the entire area of the grain flow. This species is a little outdated and used for the production of modern sorter.

CCD-camera is a matrix consisting of a set of silicon plates (photosensitive elements). Image from a matrix turns out not blurry, and point. Application of CCD-matrix makes it possible to fully analyze the contents of the tray, and not a single channel.

When used in the work of the photo-sensory color cameras imaging is performed by scanning the grain mass in different color spectra. Thereafter, using the computer algorithm takes special recognition of foreign bodies.

Sorter using the color CCD-cameras and the matrices have a number of advantages compared with sensory sorting machines. This is a more scrupulous analysis of the grain mass that not only can detect foreign bodies, but also makes it possible to find grain mechanical damage and signs of various diseases to them.

Modern photo-separator allow for purification of the product to 99.9%.

The company "Agropolus" has many years of experience in the design, installation, lines for companies specializing in the cultivation of elite varieties of different seed grain, oilseed, legumes.

In our work we use a wide range of equipment from reliable suppliers of Italy, Germany, USA, Bulgaria, Russia, China, Ukraine. This makes it possible to choose the equipment that will fully meet the needs of your company in terms of quality sorting of the product and pricing policy.

We will carry out a complete list of works on designing lines, supply and installation of equipment, chosen by the customer, commissioning, training of personnel to work with the new equipment, service and repair.