Manufacture and installation of grain drying, thermal equipment.

Repair, installation, construction and maintenance of agricultural enterprises.

Design and installation of elevators

The company "AGROPOLYUS" specializes in the design and construction of industrial facilities for companies which involved in the processing and storage of agricultural products. One of the main activities of our company is the design and installation of elevators.

We are completely take care of works related to the design of elevators, flowsheet development, the geological installation site, site preparation, installation of structures and processing units, the connection of all the necessary communications, commissioning works, staff training. As a result, you get the object that completely ready for operation and meets all the requirements of your company.

Designing of elevators.

Operational characteristics, costs of production and assembly, economic parameters of work primarily depends on the quality of design.

The company "AGROPOLYUS" has many years of experience in working with leading design institutes that specialize in projects related to agricultural enterprises.

Specialists those design organizations at a high level and with minimal financial and time will develop a project of the elevator and flow sheet that will be best for youand will comply with all standards and GOSTs.

Supplying necessary equipment.

Wide range of equipment, in different price ranges, from reputable domestic and foreign suppliers makes it possible to fully satisfy the needs of your company.

Preparation of the site for the construction of the elevator.

We conduct a comprehensive site preparation for the construction of the elevator. This includes the following works:

  • demolition of old buildings and structures;
  • construction of the foundation;
  • construction of outbuildings, sheds, driveways;
  • connection of necessary communications.

We undertake all works on the search of contracts for the construction, the necessary technology and outsourcing specialists.

Mounting of elevators.

Our experts are at a high level, with minimal cost of time and money carried out installation of structures of the elevator. We deliver all the necessary materials and equipment, carry out the entire list of required commissioning works and commissioning of the facility.

Automation of technological process of the elevator.

Thanks to the introduction to the work of the latest means of control, measurement and automation of technological processes of the equipmentand the union of all control and measuring equipments and control panels in a single system automatic control of technological process (ACTP) significantly improve the usability of the staffand round the clock monitoring of product quality in granary.

Equipment malfunction were minimized, introduced the latest protection against overloads in the electric and reliable fire protection system.

All these solutions provide an opportunity to minimize the various breakages and therefore downtime and reduce the number of operators and maintenance personnel during operation of the elevator.

Training of operators and maintenance personnel.

The company "AGROPOLYUS" conducts training of operators and maintenance personnel for the proper operation, maintenance and repair of the basic units of the elevator.

Maintenance work.

Upon customer request the company's specialists will conduct a complete list of works relating to the maintenance, service and product repair, modernization and future operation of the equipment.