Manufacture and installation of grain drying, thermal equipment.

Repair, installation, construction and maintenance of agricultural enterprises.

Conversion of grain dryers to work on alternative fuels

The company "Agropolus" successfully performs conversion of mine and modular dryers to work on alternative fuels (wood chips, sawdust, cereals, sunflower husk, chopped straw, etc.).

In its work, the company applies developments that have high energy characteristics and minimum fuel consumption, as well as installation of the equipment of other companies.

Benefits of converting grain dryers for alternative fuels:

  • reduction in processing costs per unit of output in the 2.5 - 5 times;
  • the rapid integration of the heat exchanger and the heat source in a flow chart of your company;
  • high production automation;
  • rapid return on installation;
  • stable supply of warm air;
  • reliable, durable equipment;

Biofuel heat generators.

High heat generators running on alternative fuels, provide significant energy savings. However, the installation has a high performance and power characteristics. Application of new technologies and materials in the production of the heat source, high degree of automation ensures continuous and reliable operation.

Heat exchangers.

Together with the heat source, our company manufactures heat exchangers supply own design. Air heat exchanger company "Agropolus" allows you to get the heated air at a temperature up to 120 0MC. Innovative design solutions that have been implemented in the design of the heat exchanger engineers have significantly increased plant efficiency, improve reliability, and the method of automatic ash removal.

The specialists of "Agropolus" at the highest level will hold the list of works associated with the design, manufacture, installation of equipment, as well as the integration of new equipment in the flow chart of your company, putting into operation and training of personnel in the operation and repair of equipment.