Manufacture and installation of grain drying, thermal equipment.

Repair, installation, construction and maintenance of agricultural enterprises.

Construction ZAV and GLC "turnkey"

Initial preparation of grain crops is an essential process in the production of quality agricultural products. From cleaning and preparation of grain depends largely on the length of storage and quality parameters of the goods.

Grain-cleaning complexes (head) are designed for pre, primary clearing and grading seed grain and leguminous crops (barley, wheat, rye, buckwheat, corn, millet, peas, sunflower, canola, soybean) from the heap, various impurities, husks, weed seeds immediately after harvest to mechanized lines winnowing grain processing enterprises.

Grain-cleaning complexes (GLC) produce complex preparation (cleaning and drying) of different types of grain for its further processing, storage in warehouses or silos. The company "Agropolus" provides a full range of construction services ZAV and GLC under the "key". This includes the design of systems, civil works, erection of building structures, automation works, conducting pre-commissioning, commissioning the facility, staff training.

Application of new technologies in the construction of grain cleaning grain-cleaning complexes, significantly improves the quality of grain processing, with significantly reduced energy consumption per unit of processed products.

Design of grain cleaning complexes ZAV and GLC.

Our company has many years of successful experience of cooperation with leading design institutes and companies that specialize in creating projects of grain cleaning systems.

Design engineers at the highest level to hold all the work on design and development of all necessary documentation, which meets the latest regulations and standards.

Preparation of production sites.

We provide the full list of preparatory works for the construction of production facilities of grain cleaning systems. These include:

  • demolition of old buildings;
  • cleaning of the territory;
  • excavation development;
  • concreting platforms;
  • building support columns;
  • connection necessary communications.

Installation of structures ZAV and GLC.

The specialists of "Agropolus" carry out all necessary works on installation of structures ZAV and GLC, using modern technologies of metal and new construction materials, namely:

  • construction logjam wells for the rear and side unloading of vehicles using the overpass or hydraulic unloader;
  • construction travel logjam pits;
  • installation of canopies over the goaf wells;
  • installation of transport grain;
  • installation and commissioning of aspiration,

as well as the installation of modern automation equipment (automation cabinets, remote control, alarm systems and fire safety). Also carried the equipment is connected to the power supply, remote control and full range of necessary pre-commissioning and commissioning the facility.

Staff training.

Conducted a comprehensive and all-encompassing training, maintenance of grain cleaning complex. After the training course operators will have all the necessary knowledge of the operation, maintenance and repair of the basic units of the complex.