Manufacture and installation of grain drying, thermal equipment.

Repair, installation, construction and maintenance of agricultural enterprises.

Construction of granaries

One of the most important processes in the company involved in the cultivation of crops is the storage of products. Construction of modern granaries provide reliable, long-term storage of grain while maintaining the quality of the goods.

The company "Agropolus" provides a full range of design different types of complexes granaries, silos with flat or conical bottom, equipment installation, integration processes in the enterprise, commissioning, putting into operation and personnel training.

Selecting granaries.

Our company is engaged in the construction of the following types of silos:

  • traditional (warehouse for storing grain);
  • modern (with conical or horizontal bottom).

Design granaries.

The company "Agropolus" cooperates with design institutes specializing in the design of granaries, which engineers as soon as possible the project will create a modern, reliable granaries, taking into account all peculiarities of your company that will meet all the norms and standards, as well as an elaborated system object input into the process enterprise scheme.

Site preparation.

We take care of all obligations for all preparatory work for the installation of complex granaries. Such as:

  • cleaning of the territory;
  • the construction of the foundation;
  • construction of access roads to the granary.

Installation of structures granaries.

Large, long-term experience of our employees, modern methods of work, the use of the latest design solutions and materials in the work permit as soon as possible to carry out works on installation of silos, connecting all the necessary systems:

  • electricity,
  • ventilation and air monitoring,
  • fire protection system,

as well as conducting pre-commissioning and commissioning.

The use of modern construction materials makes granary reliable and durable object that meets all the requirements of storage of grain, which has a positive effect on the quality of the product.