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Construction dammed pits

Logjam pits or as they are called - collecting hoppers are designed to receive grain from vehicles, its accumulation and subsequent transfer to the elevator boot, or gravity, mechanically.

Choosing the right type goaf wells, high-quality design, as well as professionally made construction significantly reduces the time of unloading trucks with grain, as well as ensure the normal supply of grain for further processing.

The company "Agropolus" has a positive, long-term experience in design and construction pits intake any type of ground or underground performances of various sizes.

Design dammed pits.

All designs are executed from high-quality galvanized steel or black metal rolling, allowing the grain to slide conveyors, located at the bottom of the goaf holes and mounted on the surface of the earth.

Thereafter, they are installed in a previously prepared hole, a rectangular type. The walls of the pit are executed from concrete slabs or construction of monolithic structures.

The design of the goaf, modular pit may be of the following types:

  • with reinforced structure (to allow the passage of transport on top of the structure);
  • with a lightweight design (there is an upper protective structure and mesh);
  • mobile (movable, transportation of all designs as a whole);
  • stationary (construction pit falls once and then can not be removed from the pit);

Perhaps the construction of stationary goaf holes through concrete-reinforced structures. Compared with the above types logjam pits, this method of building the most economical from the standpoint of the cost of materials and the execution of the order.

Passage dammed well.

Most often this type of wells used as a receiving hopper for grain cleaning complexes GLC. The advantage of travel goaf wells that its design allows for minimal time unload as lengthy, large vehicles and conventional truck or tractor trailer. Unloading can occur through the rear and from the side of the body, the load falls completely into the hopper.

Mounting holes made from prefabricated modular structures, which significantly reduces the assembly of the finished product, as well as commissioning.

Additionally intake pit travel type can be equipped with walls and a roof, which are made of galvanized steel sheets and mounted on lightweight, durable metal construction.

In addition dammed pit travel type supplied self-lifting mechanism of mechanical or hydraulic type, which greatly simplifies the process of unloading transport, or flyovers.

Semipassage dammed well.

Semipassage dammed pit is a cheaper option, so as to build wells of this type spent significantly less labor force, building materials, and thus finance. With the construction of the roof and walls that protect the grain unloaded from rainfall, unloading grain mass occurs only from the side, as well as the design has a larger width than the travel goaf hole. Auto run system for this type of pits is not provided. The process of unloading of vehicles in semipassage pit takes more time compared to the discharge hole in the logjam travel type.