Manufacture and installation of grain drying, thermal equipment.

Repair, installation, construction and maintenance of agricultural enterprises.

Using generic torches "Ecoflam"

In the production of heat exchangers, reconstruction and repair of grain drying systems company"Agropolus" extensive use of universal burner Italian company "Ecoflam".

Company Ecoflam

Company «Ecoflam» was founded back in 1973. The main activity is the production of burners for different machines, both industrial and domestic. For more than 40-year history «Ecoflam» has become a recognized leader in its segment. Thanks to the experience, as well as a powerful research centers of the company products always meet the high demands of modernity and manufactured using advanced technologies.

Burner universal

High-quality torch «Ecoflam» distinguished by reliability, minimize harmful emissions, high fuel economy, easy integration with other equipment, low noise. All products of the company fully meets the high standards and requirements of the European Union and is ISO 9001: 2008 and VISION 2000. All burners are tested in the research center of the campaign. A special characteristic is compulsory fire test each burner, that is, before sending the customer equipment is tested under actual operating conditions.

Fuel burners for universal «Ecoflam» can serve as a natural or liquefied gas and diesel fuel. This gives an opportunity to significantly expand the range of fuels, which significantly affects the stability of the enterprise, such as faults, including the supply of primary fuel or its significant appreciation.

Universal gas burner

A wide range of burners with a power range of up to 25 MW will select equipment that will fully meet the requirements of your enterprise. Burners «Ecoflam» thanks to a convenient and sophisticated design is extremely easy to maintain and install. Having controlled the head significantly simplifies the adjustment for different combustion chambers (e.g., with short combustion chambers).

Universal burner «Ecoflam» staffed reliable fan, which ensures the stability of the flame.