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Solid fuels for heat generators

When selecting the solid heat source (boiler) for industrial processes or hot air heating, special attention should be paid fuels to be used at work.

The main fuels for solid fuel boilers are:

  • wood different kinds of wood;
  • pellets;
  • briquettes;
  • wood chips;
  • sawdust;
  • vegetable waste from agriculture (sunflower husk, straw, husks).;

Consider some types of fuel more.


This type of fuel can be called conditionally alternative, so as in many parts of firewood is the main fuel for example heating homes and large industrial facilities. Nevertheless, more and more firewood and used directly in the production process. This is such as:

  • drying of grain;
  • drying of wood;
  • Drying of sand, and so on. d.

The best quality wood is produced from wood such as oak, birch, hazel, ash, beech. They have a high calorific value and the duration of combustion.

Table of specific heat value of certain types of wood.

Type of wood

Calorific value kWh/m2












Pellets or as they are referred to as pellets are pressed, cylindrical pellets with a diameter of 4 to 16 mm and a length of 10 to 55 mm. The raw material for the production of pellets are a variety of industrial wood residue and waste processing of crops.

It can be: sawdust, bark, leaves, husks, peat and even shredded paper.

Advantages of pellets over other fuels:

  • high energy release;
  • ecology;
  • low ash content;
  • low humidity;
  • the possibility of uniform supply to the furnace, which ensures stable operation of the heat source;
  • low cost.


More and more popular in the market of alternative fuel briquettes produced or called them from us "Eurowood." In appearance they are not much different from our usual wood bars. In a place so this type of fuel has several advantages compared to conventional wood:

  • significantly greater (about 1,5 -2 times) heat;
  • uniform burning;
  • The reduction of moisture;

Waste processing of crops.

These include: husk sunflower husk, straw, hay, waste and grain cleaning and so on. The fuel is most important for the agricultural enterprises, as it is virtually free fuel for them.

When equipped with a heat generator with automatic fuel injection and blowing fan manages to significantly increase the energy of these fuels, which greatly reduces the cost of producing hot air. Equipment dryers heat generators operating on such fuels significantly reduces fuel costs, and thus has a positive impact on the cost of the final product.

Agropolus company has considerable experience in the production of heat generators running on alternative fuels. Equipped with automatic fuel feeding system provide stability heat-generators GTU air warmed up to the desired temperature.

Heat-generators’ fuel for gas turbines can serve all of the above species described in this article. A wide range of fuels used in our heat generators makes it possible to secure the production process for the downtime with a shortage of one of the fuels or its considerable appreciation.