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Heat exchangers for grain dryers

When refitting dryers for use in alternative fuel one of the main issues is the right choice of air heat exchangers. This task is not as easy as it would seem at first glance.

The correct choice of heat exchanger is directly dependent parameters such as: the quality of the grain after drying (its germination, nutrient availability), ensuring stable operation of the dryer, fuel economy, and thus reduce costs.

Many dryers running on traditional fuels structure already provides for a heat exchanger, but this is often not the best option when it comes to switching to alternative solid fuels.

Such heat exchangers are usually reduced heat transfer area, and there is no system of ash disposal.

Buying heat exchanger carries additional costs, but properly selected equipment will pay for itself with a vengeance, and have a positive impact on the quality of the processed product.

Heat exchangers for TV companies AGROPOLYUS dryers.

Our company offers a wide range of reliable air heat exchangers TV various capacities that already well-proven, and not get one positive feedback from business leaders, in which they operated.

Advantages of heat exchangers TV.

TV air heat exchangers have a number of significant advantages over similar equipment on the market. The main ones are:

  • added a third heat exchange circuit, which gave a significant increase in efficiency;
  • the flue gases are not in contact with the grain mass;
  • heat exchangers TV equipped with an automatic ash removal system that simplifies maintenance;
  • installation of heating sensor bulb heat exchanger integrated into the process control system of the heat generator that eliminates the possibility of overheating.

Furthermore, the heat exchanger can be easily integrated into the work as any Dryers and heat generators.

Versatility of heat exchangers air TV.

In the design of the heat exchanger in its construction was laid can be equipped with a universal burner operating on traditional fuels (gas, diesel fuel). In this mode, the heat exchanger TV bude perform the role of a heat generator.

Assembling a heat exchanger.

Our experts will carry out a complete list of works associated with the design of equipment, which wakes up to take into account all the nuances of your production directly installation and commissioning. All equipment provided a guarantee from 12 to 24 months.