Manufacture and installation of grain drying, thermal equipment.

Repair, installation, construction and maintenance of agricultural enterprises.

Alterations dryers to work on alternative fuels

Due to the difficult economic situation in our country, as well as a significant rise in price of conventional heat transfer fluids (gas, diesel fuel) translation dryers on alternative fuels for domestic enterprises is becoming more and more important.

Many Ukrainian companies already offer working on a wide range of alternative fuels.

One of the basic services that the company offers Agropolus is just the conversion of grain dryers for alternative fuels.

Based on many years of experience in production and modernization of equipment for processing of grain, as well as the presence of a strong industrial base, we offer a full range of services associated with the transfer of grain dryers of various types of alternative fuels.

We carry out the following activities:

  • design installation;
  • production of the necessary equipment (heat generators biofuel, heat exchangers);
  • installation of equipment;
  • construction of industrial buildings, sheds new equipment;
  • Pre-commissioning works.

Grain drying equipment complex heat-generator GTU production company Agropolus provides significant advantages, so as one of the main mechanisms of the heat source is the system of uniform supply of fuel into the combustion chamber.

Due to its implementation ensured stable operation of the dryer, which has a positive effect on the length and quality of grain drying. TV exchanger allows the dryer air, warmed to a temperature of 120 0C, while avoiding contact of the flue gas and the processed product.

The main difference between the heat exchanger from analogues - the presence of the third heat exchange circuit, which greatly improves the efficiency of the dryer.

Particular attention in the design of equipment to transfer grain dryers for alternative fuels has been given to ensuring ease of maintenance, which in turn significantly reduces the downtime.

Our equipment will provide reliable operation of your business for years to come, significantly reducing production costs.