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Single point Sampler ESC

One of the most important operations for transportation (shipping, transshipment, acceptance) of grain and products of its processing in the grain processing plants, grain elevators, energo transshipment terminals, bakeries, factories for the production of a variety of animal feed and cereals is the process of taking samples of raw materials.

Proper sampling of grain provide high quality certification of products for compliance with international standards and GOST, as well as carrying out all the necessary checks provided for technological process of the enterprise.

Assignment of the sampler.

Electromechanical sampler ESC developed by "Agropoliys" intended for sampling of cereals such as:

  • wheat;
  • sunflower;
  • rapeseeds;
  • buckwheat;
  • barley;
  • corn etc.

from a body of road transport containers for the transport of bulk cargoes, railroad cars and automatically deliver them into the laboratory for further analysis.

Sampling of Grain is carried out probe through the entire thickness of the grain mass, including a bottom layer. Sampling point set by the operator of the sampler using the remote control. Sampler Drive is electromechanical, and sampling is carried out by vacuum pneumatic system.

Technical requirements.

Single Point Sampler ESC complies with GOST 26582.

Specifications of the sampler ESC.

Basic parameters and dimensions of the sampler are shown in Table 1.

Parameter naming and size


Bandwidth cycles p.h. not less than


The volume of the sample, with the height of the bank of product 2m, cm3, not less than


Boom of the manipulator, mm, not more


Run of the telescopic section, mm, not less


Probe length, mm, not more


The maximum steering angle of boom in the horizontal plane, degrees


Maximum rotation angle of boom in the vertical plane, degrees:
- upward
- downward



Total power consumption, KWH, not more


Advantages of the sampler ESC.

One of the main advantages of the sampler is the price of the product and simplicity of maintenance. It's no secret that the customer is faced with the problem of timely delivery of supplies and spare parts necessary for productive work in the laboratory when he buying similar equipment of the foreign producers.

Using our sampler on your own manufacture you get the components and consumables in deadlines , and the timely maintenance and warranty service.

Packaging of the sampler ESC at delivery.

The package includes complete with in accordance with the specification of the sampler consisting of the following components:

  • manipulator;
  • probe of sampling;
  • vacuum pump with a frame;
  • compilation of samples;
  • control cabinet;
  • remote control;
  • a set of connecting cables;
  • а set of pneumatic hoses;
  • maintenance documentation (passport, manual).

Reliability indices.

Indicators of reliability of the sampler fully comply with GOST 27.003

  • mean time between failures is not less than 1500 hours;
  • mean time to recover efficient condition is not more than 4 hours;
  • average overhaul at least 8,000 hours;
  • lifetime of at least 5 years.

The number of staff - one operator, which controls the sampler using the remote control, installed in the laboratory.

Rules of of operation and repair of the probe.

The sampler is intended for operation under a shed in a continuous, non-stop operation.

Warranty period of operation of the sampler and its component parts is 12 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 18 months from the date of shipment from the factory.

Maintenance of the sampler ESC.

Maintenance of the sampler is the systematic visual examination, which shall be held not less than 1 time a day. For the inspection must be checked:

  • the integrity of the components, lack of corrosion and other damage on them;
  • availability of all of the mountings and their tightness;
  • the presence of labeling and, if necessary, to restore inscriptions;
  • to clean the external surfaces of the components of the equipment from dust and dirt;
  • grease of rubbing parts;
  • clean the filter dispenser (each shift);

Shipment to the buyer.

This product ships in a fully completed form.

Pack of the sampler and its components meet the requirements, the following regulatory standards: GOST 23170, GOST 23216, GOST 9181. Possible delivery and change configuration.

Specialists of "Agropolyus" qualitatively and in the minimal terms will hold the installation and commissioning of the unit. Possible changes the default settings of the sampler on request of the customer.