Manufacture and installation of grain drying, thermal equipment.

Repair, installation, construction and maintenance of agricultural enterprises.

Our production

  • Water heat exchanger

    Water heat exchanger

  • Air heat exchanger TV

    Air heat exchanger TV

  • Solid-heat generator

    Solid-heat generator

  • Mine-dryer grain

    Mine-dryer grain

  • Dryers modular SPM

    Dryers modular SPM

  • Single point Sampler ESC

    Single point Sampler ESC


Company services

  • Construction ZAV and GLC turnkey

    Construction ZAV and GLC "turnkey"

  • Construction dammed pits

    Construction dammed pits

  •  Design and installation of elevators

    Design and installation of elevators

  • Reconstruction and repair ZAV or GLC

    Reconstruction and repair ZAV or GLC

  •  Overhaul and repair-line grain separators BTSS

    Overhaul and repair-line grain separators BTSS

Construction of granaries

    Construction of granaries

  •  Installation of grain dryers

    Installation of grain dryers

  • Installation of grain-processing equipment

    Installation of grain-processing equipment

  • Production of non-standard equipment

    Production of non-standard equipment

  • Conversion of grain dryers to work on alternative fuels

    Conversion of grain dryers to work on alternative fuels


«Agropolyus» company

«AGROPOLYUS»(Ukraine, Sumy Region, Akhtyrka city) - Is a young but rapidly growing company, which takes leading position in the market of services for enterprises of grain processing industry.

Experts of the company perform the following activities:

  • mounting systems for cleaning, drying and storage of grain, small-seeded and other crops which grow in the CIS;
  • reconstruction and additional completeness of existing grain processing complexes with grain dryers, transport and gravity equipment;
  • repair and refurbishments grain dryers to work on any type of fuel including natural and liquefied gas;
  • installation of thermal generators running on biofuels: wood chips, sawdust, waste from the processing of agricultural products (chjpped straw, etc.);
  • mounting of grain dryers;
  • design and installation of the best options of any cleaning equipment;
  • installation of elevators «turnkey»;
  • manufacture, mounting and commissioning of electromechanical single-point sampler;
  • construction of sinks, GUS, GDC «turnkey»;
  • lifting of the GUSes for the passage of the modern grain trucks beneath it;
  • repair of DCS;
  • production of non-standard equipment;
  • design and installation of lines for seed enterprises;

Specialists of «AGROPOLYUS» are always ready to fulfill training personell of the customer.

We work individually with each customer and based on our experience we will recommend the equipment needed for the solutions of the problems that faced by your company.

Professionals of the «AGROPOLYUS» company perform installation, commissioning, warranty and maintenance services of equipment for processing agricultural products.

Referring to the company «AGROPOLYUS» you will get a full range of services from geological prospecting and design to installation and commissioning of the equipment at any producers that you liked of grain-processing equipment.

Pricing policy and professionalism of our specialists enable the customer to maximize efficient use of founds for the development of the enterprise.

In conclusion of this letter we would like sincerely wish everyone: good health, only a positive mood, good luck in your personal life and succes in your work.


Directorate of the company "Agropolis"